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Structured canine camp is offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 

Drop off times are between 7:00am-8.30am. Pick up times from 3.30-5.30pm.

Half Days are available. 

Why Structured Day Care?

Dogs thrive with structure and routine.

Traditional doggie daycares consist of large groups of dogs contained in one large indoor space with one or two handlers present.  This is overwhelming for most dogs.  When dogs are not being advocated for, they will feel the need to advocate for themselves, this can lead to dog aggression.  Some dogs might also become more fearful.

With no rules in place dogs pick up bad behaviors that then translate out in the world and at home.  Dogs can become overly excited and reactive when they see other dogs out on walks.  Furthermore, traditional doggy daycares do not give dogs time to decompress.  Most dogs go home overly stimulated and overly tired. 


A structured environment ensures dogs have boundaries and rules in place just as you would at home.  Structure helps set dogs up for success.  Your dog will also receive an array of mental, physical and social enrichment activities, along with one-on-one time.  Your dog will love time spent at camp and you will love having a calm happy dog at home.

We are Pet CPR and First Aid Certified

Everyday Skills

We help you maintain skills that you have taught your pup at home, such as:

  • Come, sit, down 

  • Recall 

  • Place 

  • Kennel training 

  • Leave it, out and wait

  • Leash skills 

  • Calm mindset 



Dog socials are curated to each dog.

We set up one on one play or small play groups matching dogs by personality, energy and play style.

We ensure all dogs are introduced properly, comfortable and being advocated for.  We do not allow dogs to become overly aroused or dominate in play. 


Calm Time

Down time is very important, dogs need rest and time to decompress throughout the day.  During camp dogs will have nap times in their kennels and calm time on place.

Enrichment Activities

Your pup will have fun trying and learning new things to keep him not only physically but also mentally stimulated while building his confidence

Hikes and Pack walks

With 10 acres of fields and trails your pup will have fun time getting out and exploring in nature

Daily Updates

Daily update with pictures on how your pup is enjoying himself at camp



Access to our large outdoor fenced fields and indoor space







  •  Dogs must be crate trained (no excessive barking or anxious)

  • Dog neutral (not dog reactive) 

  • Current on vaccinations or proof of titers (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella)

  • Flea, tick and heartworm prevention in summer time are highly recommended  

An evaluation and trial day ($49.50) must be completed before your dog can join our Structured Canine Camp.

In order to keep a calm and structured environment dogs need to have some basic training and social skills.

If your dog does not meet the requirements, we offer private training programs to help prepare your dog for camp.  


Camp spots are limited

Owners can book days of the week that they would prefer.

No shows or late cancellations (less than 24hrs) will be charged for the day.

Late pickups are subject to additional fee of $10

$10 late payment after 5 days for outstanding balance and every 5 days therefore



*Taxes and Fees not included*

Prices are subject to change

  • $49.50 a day 
    Pack discount: 2 or more campers $44.50 each dog

  • $30 Half day (4 hrs), $25 second dog


  • 1 dog: $285 for 6 credits (6 days). Must be used within 60 days of purchase

  • 1 dog: $552 for 12 credits (12 days). Must be used within 90 days of purchase

  • 2 dogs: $540 for 6 credits (6 days each dog). Must be used within 60 days of purchase


  • Adventure hikes  $10: A 30 min long line hike around 10 acres of nature to sniff, roam and explore. Hiking can help with anxiety, confidence building, physical health, and behavior. Good leash manners is a must to be able to book an adventure hike.

  • Learning at camp $30 : 30 mins training sessions to work on basic commands, leash skills, recall, etc. These are for basic behaviors only.

  • Find the Bunny - Intro to scent work $20: this is a fun introduction to scent work; we will teach your dog how to find a scent. Scent work allows your dog to use their strongest natural sense in a fun and engaging way. 


Forest Field

Explorer Field

Discovery Field

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