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Boutique Boarding

If your dog needs overnight care for one night or many, look no further! Our boutique boarding service is a home away from home for your dog. Boarding at Canine Field of Dreams includes spacious cabins and plenty of access to nature. Each one of our guests have a custom routine based upon what pawrents tell us providing a peaceful environment with rules and boundaries just like home.

Feels Like Home

Our owner lives on site offering 24/7 monitoring for your pups. Our Camp feels like a country home, because it is!

At Canine Field of Dreams, your dog's experience will be as close to home as possible - he/she won't be forced to soil their own area while staff is away like in a traditional 8 to 5 facility. We provide late night potty breaks, overnight supervision and are available for emergencies. We are also Canine CPR Certified.

We respect your dog's individual needs and comfort levels. 

Spacious Luxury Cabins

Whether for daycare or overnight stays, our comfortable cabins (4 x 6, 4 x 4 and 4 x 9) have enough space for your pup to stretch and have privacy. Our boarding building is bright and airy with a variety of cabins and crates to fit your pup’s needs. Air purifiers ensures fresh air circulates regularly as well as humidity and temperature controlled. A soft light is on at all times and soothing music plays 24/7. In addition, we are monitored for fire, carbon monoxide and trespassing.

Our large play yards are separated from our cabins to ensure that your pup receives enough mental, physical and social activities as well as great quality rest and sleep. For night outside time, our stadium lights shine on our fields to make sure pups are comfortable going potty. 

If you prefer more privacy for your pup, our new 8 x 14 Luxury Cabins provide an absolute retreat, they are separated from the rest of the cabins and playyards, your pup will have a couch, a tv and plenty of space for individualized activities without leaving their comfort of their cabin.

Adequate rest is crucial to a happy, balanced and relaxed dog. Our cabin areas are not open to tours as we value your pet's comfort level during their stay and keep this area library quiet.

Based in Nature

Canine Field of Dreams offers the most exciting experience for your dog in nature. From tiny breeds to giant pups, they all love the country feel and endless space for freedom and enrichment.

Our play yards are a naturally designed with trees, grasses and shrubs in mind to giving dogs plenty of fun landscape to explore. Our artificial turf yards allows us to keep the yards sanitized as well as avoid mud in damp conditions. If the weather is inclement, dogs enjoy our covered Four Season's play room which is ideal for rainy or cold day playtime.

Your dog will be able to share the play yards and hiking fields with other dogs of similar size and temperament (when available).


*Taxes and fees not included *

Prices are subject to change

  • $57.50 per night, $49.50 each additional dog, regular pick up. Morning pick-up 7:30am-11am (no charge for final day). A credit card on file is required to book your stay.

  • Cancellations shorter than 48 hours notice (72 hours notice on holidays) will be charged one night's stay.

  • You must request and confirm your drop-off and pick-up time via our online account system.

  • Afternoon pick up will be charged additional day charge: ($49.50 for 1 dog, $44.50 each additional dog)

  • Early pick up will still be charged for remaining nights.

  • Personal Luxury Cabin Stay $69.50 first dog, $61.50 second dog.

  • Holiday: additional $10 per day/dog  including the Holiday weekend (see details below)

  • Late payment fee: $10

Our requirements 

  • Dogs must pass a trial day

  • Dogs must be kennel trained (calm and relaxed, no excessive barking or anxious)

  • Dogs must be up to date with their vaccines (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella)

  • Dogs must be dog friendly - non reactive

  • We do not allow any human aggressive dog

  • Dogs that have not attended camp for 6 months or longer must be re-evaluated and pass trial to be accepted. Puppies up to 18 months old will be re-evaluated after 3 months.

  • We highly recommend monthly preventative for heartworm, flea and tick since we will be in nature.

Boarding Daily Schedule

Doggy Daycare. Dog Boarding

6:00 - 7:00 am:  Potty Break

7:00 - 8:00 am:  Breakfast

8:00 am-noon: Morning Activities

  • One on one play with a camp counselor, snuggles, small play group if there is a good match with other guest pup and desired by both pawrents. 

  • Adventure hike if requested


Noon-2:30pm: Nap time and lunch if requested 


2:30 - 5:00pm: Afternoon activities

  • One on one play with a camp counselor, snuggles, small play group if there is a good match with other guest pup and desired by both pawrents. 


5:00 - 6:00 pm: Dinner 


6:00 - 7:30 pm: Nap


7:30 pm: Potty break and last stretch before bedtime

What should we bring?

  • Enough food for their stay as well as any feeding instructions. It is helpful if food is packed air tight and labeled with name(s). Pack an extra day of food in case of spillage or travel delays.

  • Any medications required during their stay. Please make sure medication is properly labeled with name, dosage instructions and veterinarian contact.

  • Any bedding or non-squeaking toys your pup prefers that will fit in their reserved size cabin or kennel. Pets can also have towels or owner's t-shirts if they prefer a smell from home. For safety, please let us know if your pet has been known to destroy or swallow toys/bedding.

  • If applicable, your pet's favorite treats for kenneling or rewards. Please let us know if your pup has any allergies.

Holidays 2024
Holiday rates apply on these days

No pick up/drop off on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve after 11am

Limited drop off and pick up times on other days

  • Easter Sunday - Saturday March 30 , Sunday March 31 

  • Memorial DayFriday May 24th, Saturday May 25th, Sunday May 26th, Monday, May 27th 

  • Independence Day - Thursday July 4th, Friday July 5th, Saturday, July 6th, Sunday July 7th

  • Labor Day - Friday August 31, Saturday September 1st, Monday September 2nd

  • Thanksgiving - Thursday November 28, Friday November 29, Saturday November 30, Sunday December 1st

  • Christmas - Tuesday December 24th and Wednesday December 25th

  • New Year - Tuesday, December 31st and Wednesday January 1st

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