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What Makes us Different?

Doggy Daycare. Dog Boarding

We provide a safe, clean environment for your pup, with the owner

residing on site… and here is what you won't find anywhere else:


   Large outdoor play spaces on 10 acres

Dogs, regardless of their size and age, require exercise to stay mentally and physically healthy. Without it, their joints, muscles, mental acuity, and behavior can be impacted long term. It’s their nature: They are descendants of wolves and being outdoors is inscribed in their DNA. Dogs love being outdoors because it offers them a sense of that hereditary freedom. When you fulfill their basic needs, they thrive on their sense of smell and outdoors those scents and odors are multiplied exponentially.


   We are all about Quality, not Quantity

We have extensive outdoor and indoor areas, however we limit to 15 pups to provide individualized attention. Our 4  to 1 dog to camp counselor ratio ensures detailed care for your pup.


   Structured and peaceful environment

At home, dogs have a routine, including nap and play times. We do not do all day play, why? Because dogs can get over stimulated and overly tired, have you noticed that your pup takes several naps through the day?  We provide similar routines which keeps dogs happy and relax. We have separate spaces for play and nap time so your pup gets a true nap time without other pups playing around, noises or a busy environment.

  Continuity of training

Dogs have boundaries and rules in place just as you would at home which sets them up for success. Your dog will also receive an array of mental, physical and social enrichment activities, along with one-on-one time. 


  Our Camp Counselors

All of our Camp Counselors have several years of professional experience working with dogs and other animals, and they continue with ongoing training and education to expand their knowledge. Your pups will always see familiar faces that love them as their own! We will run, roll, climb, hike, play ball, or cuddle them always.


  We love them all

No matter if your pup does not like playing with other pups and prefers human attention, we love them all. We accept dogs that are not able to be in play groups, as long as they are happy with us. Additionally, each member of our staff is pet CPR certified and completes hours of behavioral based training courses to ensure your dog's safety is paramount.


           Small play groups

Small play groups offer the best socialization for dogs. Some dogs feel overwhelmed in large play groups or small crowded spaces and can become reactive. Our play groups consist of max of 5 dogs ensuring that your pup is being advocated for and has the right friends.


  Communication and daily updates

We will stay in touch with you and even when your pup is not with us we love hearing from you! We send daily updates and notify you of any changes right away.

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