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Training is essential for any dog, size or breed. Proper training sets the guidelines for how you and your dog will communicate with each other throughout your relationship. Even if you have never done formal training before, dogs of all ages can benefit. We offer courses that are more than just "sit" and "stay," but learning how to best interact with your dog by redirecting unwanted behaviors and rewarding preferred behaviors and many skills that you could transfer to daily tasks.

Our Current Class offerings are:

  • Follow the Lead: On and Off Leash Foundations

  • Kindergarten Pup Camp 

Follow the Lead
On and Off Lead Foundations

Dates: July 1st - August 5th, 6 weeks
Time: Mondays 7 - 8:30 pm
Fee: $250 *taxes and fees not included
Class size: 4 to 8 dogs 

Need help with leash walking foundations? Does walking with your dog feel like less of a bonding experience and more like a battle of the wills? We want you and your pup to enjoy walking together - this class can help. In Follow the Lead, On and Off Lead Foundations, we can provide helpful pointers to stop your dog from pulling on the leash and follow. Our goal is to help your dog choose to stay and enjoy the bonding time with you.

During this six-week course, you will learn:

  • How to handle the leash without pulling your dog or your dog pull you. 

  • Fun games that teach your dog to pay attention and follow your movement

  • How to introduce and handle distractions

Kindergarten Pup Campers

Dates: Ongoing, 6 classes total

Time: Mondays 7:30 am - 11 am

Fee: $1050 *taxes and fees not included

Class size: 2 to 4 dogs 

Is your dog not quite ready to be a full day camper but they really love friendship time? This half-day pre-Campers course helps to prepare your dog for a full day of Camp or boarding. Kindergarten Pup Campers will practice skills needed to be at Camp such as crate manners, calming skills, listening skills and socialization practice.

Your pup will be evaluated throughout the course and your Camp Counselor will keep you updated daily of your dog's progress. Upon completion, your dog's may graduate to Friendship Camp, Structured Day Care, Overnight Boarding or stay in the half day format.

Kindergarten Pup Campers is a drop-off only course. Your dog will be handled by our Camp Counselors and trainers.

Training Class Requirements:

  • Dogs must be kennel trained (calm and relaxed, no excessive barking or anxious)

  • Dogs must be up to date with their vaccines (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella)

  • Dogs must be non reactive

  • We do not allow any human aggressive dog

  • We highly recommend monthly preventative for heartworm, flea and tick since we will be in nature.

  • Pawrents must sign our Training Agreement online.

Dogs who do not meet these requirements will be asked to leave class.

What do I bring to class?

  • A well fitted martingale collar or harness. If you normally use a walking tool such as a head halter or prong collar, feel free to use these to and from class but not during instruction. No flat collars please.​​

  • A 10 to 15 foot leash. No flexi leads during instruction.

  • Two cups of training "treats" of your dog's choice that are of high value.

  • A belt-looped treat pouch or fanny pack to hold your treats. You'll need both hands to hold the leash! 

  • Comfort items, if needed, to keep your dog quiet in the crate such as a chew or small blanket

Ready to Sign up for classes?

FIRST: Set up a new client account:

  1. "Create Reservation" for Training

  2. Sign the policy acknowledgement agreement for Training.

  3. Update your dog's vaccination records to your newly created online account. You may also have your veterinarian email us vaccination records at - We require Rabies, Bordetella and DAPP (distemper or a distemper-parvo combo) vaccinations to be updated prior to your trial date.  

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